Collection: Wedding Gowns

Getting your wedding gown fitted for the special day should be the first checked list. At NEEWIN, our specialists will help you achieve the look you have always dream of.


The price list below is our base prices. Price of each item varies depend on complexity of gown (factors such as intricacies of construction, number of layers, special handling, length, width, laces, beadings, horsehair, hand-sewn) will require additional fee for services.   

Wedding gowns are special garments and they have different levels from simple, difficulty to couture. Base price list below is based on standard level.

All items must be new or freshly cleaned before alteration can be performed.­­


Shorten Straps Per Set (2)


Take Up Shoulders



Shorten Sleeves



Adjust Bust/ Side Seams Front or Back


Adjust Zipper



Take in/ Let Out Waistband


Hem (1-2 layers)


Hem (3-4 layers)



First 3 Points (Over or Under Style)


Each Additional Point