Hello! My name is Nghi Nguyen and I'm a head designer at NEEWIN Alteration Specialists. I started NEEWIN toward the end of 2019 with my passion in fashion and designing. NEEWIN has been a label for custom-made garments locally in Houston. While designing elegant looks for clients attending special occasions, I also provided alteration service on the side.

In 2023, NEEWIN continue to grow and turn my ambitious idea, which I have carried for years, into a reality: Making NEEWIN become one of the top reliable alteration service, which provide quality work and service that well-fit in a modern society.

At NEEWIN Alteration Specialists, our goal is to ensure you look your best whether for a wedding, gala, cocktail party, boardroom or at any special occasions.



Our specialists are skillful and detailed with years of experience in high standard of alterations. We stand behind our brand, and while we create a trusted alterations service for you, we strongly believe in create a positive and professional working environment where our team members can trust, cooperate, get support, feel appreciated, acknowledge and grow.



Along with providing a good service for our customers, we aware of plastic uses in our daily life. Have you known that 100 billion plastic bags are used every year by U.S consumers, which means one bag per person each day?

As a leading generation of providing modern alterations service, we acknowledge and understand the important of finding new ways help with reducing plastic waste.

While most of alteration stores in U.S still using a large number of plastic bags daily to cover garments after the performed work, at NEEWIN, all garments will be folded into recycled paper bags for pick up like pants, skirts, shirts, dresses and jackets. Men suits and evening dress/ gown will either be put back to the original coverage; or be folded and put into recycled paper bags for free; or be steamed, hang on & covered by eco bag with an additional fee.

The impact of our customers using our service have contribute a hand in helping reduce plastic waste and raising the awareness of plastic uses daily.